Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lactuca Virosa--- Wild Lettuce

Lactuca Virosa Wild Lettuce

If you have encountered this plant, you know that it does not have the wateriness of its domesticated cousin, and its chemical relationship to other strongly Saturn plants like henbane indicates a Saturn association, especially when you consider the insignificant flowers. Consider it as an incense aid for divination, especially when working with darker deities.
This herb contains the tropane hyoscyamine, much as the nightshades do, but Lactucarium, an Eclectic preparation from this herb, is a sedating bitter that contains no hyoscyamine. Its dried sap looks, tastes, and smells similar to opium (more Moon here) and so has been used to adulterate opium in the past, which probably partially accounts for its name. This plant is also known as Strong-scented Lettuce, Lettuce Opium, Laitue vireuse, and Acrid Lettuce.

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